Absolute Luxury – AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair

The DXRacer King was the only gaming computer chair model so far that offered its owner a wider dimension. That has now changed with AKRacing’s ProX Series. Actually, you gain a few centimeters on this chair – it is 1cm wider, 5cm deeper and 3cm higher. The down part is that you have to sacrifice this by a minimal loss of width of the backrest. Just like the DXRacer King, the AKRacing ProX carries gamers up to 150kg (300lbs). This sounds a lot, but in reality, as our other tests and experience showed, this number is not that important. This gaming computer chair won’t break if someone heavier sits on it. Even in terms of the price, the ProX is leading the manufacturer’s assortment – all-around premium. Are you interested? Then follow our advice and read the whole review – size advice included!

The ProX Series is generously dimensioned and therefore offers even big and heavy gamers – or just those who like more freedom in their chair – enough space and comfort. Awesome!


AKRacing ProX Series – Facts

Front View of AKRacing ProX Computer Gaming Chair

  • Robust steel frame allows a maximum load of 150kg (300lbs)
  • Armrests can be adjusted in three directions (3D armrests)
  • Seat height is individually adjustable (47-55cm) and can be extended by accessories
  • Deep seating area (54cm) and high backrest (96cm) – even for tall gamers
  • Even heavier gamers can sit on the spacious, comfortable, wide seating area
  • Backrest can be tilted almost to the horizontal and can rock up to 12 degrees
  • Durable, particularly soft padding with care-resistant artificial leather cover
  • Equipped with adjustable loin & back cushions and silent, ground-protecting rollers
  • Optional accessories available, for example better rollers or a longer gas lift

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AKRacing ProX and the right body size

AKRacing ProX Computer Gaming Chair 180 degrees tiltA special feature of this gaming computer chair is the 44cm wide and flat seat. There is no ‘intrusive’ shaped upholstery, just like the SL2000 from Vertagear. An upholstery like this can be very comfortable, if the thighs fit exactly, but if this is not the case, it will often be uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. Especially for people with wider thighs, the ProX is very suitable. The high backrest as well as the possibility to bring the neck pillow very far up, together with the deep seat provides enough room for gamers with a body size of up to 2 meters. Smaller persons (of about 170cm) simply have to set the cushions to a position further down and lower the gas lift – that’s it.


ProX Series – Review and Comparison

We got our excellent test result through our detailed review. From our first impression to our extensive test sitting – this gaming chair really convinced us by its quality and comfort. We will explain it in detail in the rest of our report. Also, don’t miss the comparison to the DXRacer King Series.

AKRacing ProX – Field Test

The construction was uncomplicated and easy to handle. The chair looks very robust at first sight, all components are generously designed and we like the design of the chair right away. The particular shaped seat cheeks stand out positively and offer a nice view.

AKRacing ProX premium chairOf course, the ProX – like every good gaming computer chair – is equipped with adjustable cushions, which serve as a neck or lumbar support. The backrest is effective – from seat to upper edge – about 85cm high and thus 3cm higher than the DXRacer King. Because the pillow itself can be placed very far up, the ProX is an excellent office chair for tall persons.

The seat is adorned with the words ‘PRO X SERIES’ at the front of the 54cm deep seat – we really like this quality look. At the front, the seat is 44cm in width and tapers to 40cm in the rear area. In total, it provides 1cm more space in width and 5cm more depth compared to the King Series from DXRacer.

The rollers measure 6,5cm in height as well as 5,3cm in depth, so they are bigger than on cheaper, smaller gaming computer chairs and very quiet and gentle to the flooring. No scratching, no grinding – great! The high-quality PU leather cover is easy to clean, carefree and robust in general. The design is also good looking – unfortunately, there is no fabric variant available. The padding of the AKRacing ProX Series is very generous and slightly softer than on comparable chairs. Very comfortable.

Adjustability and Flexibility of the Chair

The ProX Series offers 3D armrests: These can be moved forwards/backwards, up/down and can be rotated. In addition, the armrests can be moved further inwards or outwards by loosening the screws on the seat’s bottom side. The seating surface is made of pleasantly soft synthetic material.

Our recommendation: AKRacing offers an optional gas lift, with which you can gain an additional 5,5cm in height as well as other accessories – you can buy it in the official store.

ProX Series vs. King Series – Comparison

Just like DXRacer’s King, the ProX is also suitable for gamers whose weight and stature is above average. While the King is more effective in width – the seat cheeks lie 4cm further apart – the ProX also is a good choice for higher-grown gamers.

AKRacing ProX Computer Gaming Chair Neck CushionIn general, both chairs offer much comfort and freedom, which we like from a personal view. On all gaming computer chairs we sat, we felt most comfortable on the ProX and the King. The slightly softer upholstery on the ProX is subjectively speaking a tiny bit more comfortable.

The ProX features a 180 degrees tilt function, while the King scores more with its 5D armrests.

Regarding the quality and look, both gaming chairs are more or less similar and the load capacity of 150kg (300lbs) also applies to both models. Prices are also close to each other: If you want to buy the AKRacing ProX, you have to pay about $490, while the King costs about $430 – as you can see, it is expensive, but it is a premium model after all.

Which one is the ‘winner’ you may ask. Well, for us, there’s no clear winner. Both gaming chairs are absolute top class and we absolutely recommend the two if you are looking for a premium chair. In the end, choose the one that is most appealing to you and if you can, test them in your next local store.

AKRacing ProX in a Nutshell:


The AKRacing ProX Series are exclusively equipped with synthetic leather. The cover is pleasantly soft, odorless and easy to care. It looks classy and appears to be very high quality and robust. Frame and base are made of steel and can carry up to 150kg easily.


The ProX is definitely the most comfortable office chair by AKRacing and the only one whose armrests can be adjusted in 3 (+1) directions. The particularly soft padding stands out from the competition. The rollers run quietly and protect the floor.


The price of this gaming computer chair is leading AK's assortment. Yet the price is fair, because you really get luxury for your money.


Visually, this gaming throne stands out from the others - for example, because of its special seat bolsters. You literally can see the comfort. The color selection covers the usual range from simple to colorful.


The dimensions are generous and the chair is also suitable for taller and stouter persons (1.7 m up to 2m). Adaptable and supportive cushions allow a very upright, ergonomically correct posture, which is still comfortable.

AKRacing ProX Series – Conclusion

For us, the ProX, together with the DXRacer King Series is our current favorite on the premium market. We like the look, we like the quality and with it the excellent feeling while sitting on the chair: You definitely feel more like sitting on a comfortable couch than on a ‘desk chair’ – and yes, you will sit even ergonomically correct. All that said the ProX is a clear recommendation if you are willing to spend a bit more money. What you will get is awesome.

Absolute Luxury – AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair
AKRacing's ProX is a premium gaming chair that is also suitable for tall or big gamers. A lot of space, couch-feeling, optimal ergonomic properties and a very good quality plus high comfort make the ProX one of our favorites on the premium market!
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AKRacing's ProX is a premium gaming chair that is also suitable for tall or big gamers. A lot of space, couch-feeling, optimal ergonomic properties and a very good quality plus high comfort make the ProX one of our favorites on the premium market!