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Gaming Desk Chair’s Father – DXRacer Racing Series Overview

Have you ever heard of the DXRacer R Series? Well, the `R` stands for ‘racing’. And as you probably know by now, the Racing Series is the successor of DXRacer’s Formula and Drift Series – definitely showing the racing character of this gaming desk chair. However, the only similarity here are not only the names – even the products dimension are more or less the same. But more on that later.Racing Series Racing Chair Front View

Despite “racing” in its name, the chair is of course not only suitable for racing games but also for others like Counter-Strike and Call Of Duty. The name was chosen because almost every gaming desk chair is modeled like a racing seat in a sports car and the manufacturers wanted to appeal players of racing games like Need For Speed or Forza. That was the beginning of the gaming chair era. You can say that this model is a tribute to it. Since 2014, the product ‘gaming desk chair’ has enjoyed a great popularity among competitive players. Why is that? Well, these chairs are comfortable, ergonomically shaped, made of good quality and they look great – completely different compared to the typical desk chair. Now let`s come to the question whether the DXRacer Racing Series is suitable for your body dimensions.


DXRacer Racing Series – Quick Facts

  • Ergonomic design– more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: Strong Mesh and PU Cover
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment
  • 3D Straight armrests with adjustment protect shoulder and wrist
  • Nylon base, Latest design, Lifetime warranty on Frame and 24 month warranty on parts

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DXRacer R Series – Size & Weight

Racing Series Side ViewYou sure have noticed the similarities to both the drift and the formula series. What`s the difference? Well, apart from minor differences in design, the three models only differ slightly in their dimensions. According to the manufacturer, the Racing Series itself is suitable for gamers with body sizes from 170-180cm.  However, the gaming community speaks of a much wider margin. Due to the very similar dimensions compared to the Drift and Formula Series as well as the Vertagear SL2000 you basically can transfer their body recommendations to the Racing Series. Our conclusion is, if you are 160-190cm in height, you won’t have any problems with this gaming desk chair. The DXRacer Racing Series’ load capacity is up to 100kg (200lbs).

Ok – so where is the real difference between the DXRacer gaming chair models? We build a small comparison table, in which you will notice, that the difference is indeed hardly recognizable. When this series was created, its designers didn’t care much about the different body sizes – it took them until they made the King Series to take size into account.

DXRacer Formula DXRacer Drift DXRacer Racing
Backrest 84cm 79cm 85,5cm
Depth of seat 46cm 51cm 47cm


The exact dimensions can be found below. We measured the backrests without the seat’s thickness – some manufacturers include this in their information.

Looking at then comparison, what can we find out? Correct. There are no big differences between the series at all. The DXRacer R Series quite similar to the other two. There is only quite a small variation. In other words, if you are already a proud owner of either the Formula or the Drift Series, there is absolutely no need for you to buy the Racing Series, because all three gaming chairs are premium quality products.

DXRacer Racing Series – Variants

The DXRacer R-Series comes in popular colors. Somewhere between the simple and bright tones, you should find a chair you like. You can even get a fabric covering – well done!

DXRacer Racing Series – Characteristics

We already talked about the right body size and stuff. The Conclusion is, that you can grab the chair without hesitation if you are not too big in relation to your body size. If you have thick legs, the gaming chair becomes quite uncomfortable due to its narrow seat. In this case, you can find some alternative models at the end of the review.

All right, what else do you get? The gas lift is TÜV-certified, the chair is well padded and comfortable, upholstered with high quality synthetic leather, the chair has a tilt function up to 135 degrees and the lumbar and neck pillows are already included. The armrests of the Racing Series can be rotated as well as adjusted in height.

DXRacer Racing measurements

Measurements – source:

DXRacer Racing Series in a Nutshell:


The DXRacer R-Series is available as a fabric as well as a PU model. Friends of synthetic leather and fabric are both served.


Both the fabric and synthetic leather variants are very comfortable with their upholstery made of hard foam. Both are breathable and prevent excessive perspiration.


Placed in the premium segment, the R-series is cheaper than King or Tank Series.


We like the optics of the Racing Series. It looks very sleek and sporty. There are lots of different colors available.


As usual, the DXRacer R-Series is equipped with lumbar and neck pillows, which together with the curved backrest ensure healthy and ergonomically correct sitting.

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Gaming Desk Chair’s Father – DXRacer Racing Series Overview

Alternatives to the DXRacer R-Series

DXRacer gaming chair seatIf you have to make the decision, whether to choose the F-, D – or DXRacer R series, you can basically make the design your main criterion, because the measurements almost don’t differ. There is also the possibility that none of the ‘racing style’ chairs met your liking. In this case, take a look at the King Series or the AKRacing ProX for even more freedom and comfort.

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