Gaming Racing Chair: AKRacing Nitro Ergonomic Review

Buying a gaming chair is a rather big investment – both health wise and money wise! Gamers and office users alike spend hours  on such chairs. It is, therefore, essential for these people to invest in chairs that are designed keeping maximum back support in mind. Apart from the ergonomic aspect, the design is also important for todays gamer. Can AKRacing’s Nitro gaming racing chair match these requirements?

AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics – Specifications

  • High quality metal constructionAKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair Specs
  • Adjustable height
  • Can tilt easily
  • Tilt feature locking system
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Weight capacity of 396 Lbs
  • Black and green leather exterior
  • Ergonomic design
  • Additional back support

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Main Features

This gaming racing chair has been designed keeping the back support needs of the buyers in mind. It is comfortable for prolonged sitting and helps maintain a relaxed posture.

The overall look of the chair is extremely stylish, and the black and green leather exterior adds a more sophisticated feel to it. Most chairs are designed keeping the needs of an avid gamer in mind, but the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics is not only perfect for use when gaming but also fits perfectly in an office setting.

Gaming Racing Chair Side ViewThe exterior of the chair is black and green leather that not only looks chic but is also easy to maintain. When a chair is used daily for longer periods, it is not uncommon to see sweat stains, hand marks, and food and beverage spills on the chair. Therefore, a chair that is covered in cloth becomes difficult to clean easily; and leather one is more convenient. The leather exterior makes it easy to just wipe dirt off or frequently clean it in order to maintain hygiene.

It is common for professional gamers to end up with a chronic backache or stiff necks. The Nitro has an ergonomic design and provides an amazing degree of back support. The additional cushioning at the back of the Nitro Ergonomics provides the much needed cushioning to the neck.  This makes it perfect for relaxing the neck and taking breaks on the chair.

Different buyers have different back adjustment needs depending on their heights and posture, the adjustable back feature too is a great plus point.

Moving further, the gaming racing chair can easily tilt back making it a good fit for short naps. Most chairs with a good degree of tilt feature either tend to bounce back upon moving body weight or might fall over. This chair, however,  comes with a tilt feature that not only lets one adjust the degree they want the want the chair to tilt at, but also a lock to keep the chair in the desired tilt position.  For buyers looking for chair that they can easily take naps in, this one is a sure-fire winner.

Though designed for back support, the sitting area has a noticeable lack of cushioning. The flat surface for sitting is rather stiff and firm for a chair of this caliber. There really is no point in all that cushioning on the back when you will end up hurting your rear.  Although this makes it more durable, it also makes it uncomfortable for prolonged use.

The sides of the chair have adjustable and cushioned arm rests. This too, is a feature worth noting for most chair do not offer adjustable arm rests. This means that gamers or users who are a bit on the bulkier side can easily adjust the armrests to their preference. The upper structure of the chair is extremely impressive, with curves and cuts in the right places for support.

The wings on the gaming racing chair tend to be unsuitable for buyers with wide hips and might make for uncomfortable gaming sessions. The lack of extreme height adjustment options and the long back make it a rather impractical option for short people.  That said, it is build to hold a capacity of a massive 396 lbs. The chair is durable and sturdy in all aspects.

The base of the chair is a good-quality metal base. It is designed to stay steady and hold in place under whatever weight is being exerted in the sitting space. The base has a class-4 gaslift support, once again to accommodate a weight capacity that high.

AKRacing Nitro PaddingOne feature that tends to put off buyers is the absence of wheels that are free-moving. Wheels that get stuck when the chair is rolled around are a major annoyance to many. The wheels on the AKRacing Nitro gaming racing chair base are free-moving wheels that are easy to move. The free moving wheels enable one to move about whilst in the chair. The chair comes with a concise instructions manual and has been found easy to build.

Now, coming to perhaps the most important factor when looking for chairs; the price of the AKRacing Nitro.  This chair is on the rather expensive end of the market – together chairs like the Vertagear SL2000 or DXRacer King Series. Although there are various  high-quality features that make one feel that it gives value for money, the drawbacks such as the stiff sitting base is a major consideration. The features thought commendable, cannot justify the much higher price than its competitors – especially if users have to buy an extra seat cushion.


  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Easy tilt feature
  • Tilt locking feature
  • Free moving wheels
  • Sturdy, metal base
  • Good balance
  • Class-4 gaslift support
  • Concise instruction manual
  • Commendable weight capacity up to 369 lbs
  • Ergonomic design and additional back support
  • Sporty, race car design
  • Easy to build

  • Rather expensive
  • Not wide enough for bulky people
  • No height adjustment for short people
  • Stiff sitting base and lack of cushioning in the sitting base

AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series

Don't make a mistake! It's worth it to compare the internet's price with that at your local store. In general, you'll save money if you buy a gaming chair online, for example on Amazon.

Summary: AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics

AKRacing Nitro Reclined Gaming ChairThis gaming racing chair has commendable features such as adjustable armrests to accommodate comfort, and additional back support. It has a tilt lock as well as free moving wheels. However, the seat is stiff and the impressive large weight capacity is rather useless because the narrow build makes if uncomfortable for bulky users, who should consider a gaming chair like the DXRacer Tank Series. All in all, it is a durable and sturdy chair with high quality materials and an attractive exterior. If you are looking for a ‘racing-style’ chair with overall good quality and lots of features, the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomic Series is one of the gaming chairs you should put on your list.

Gaming Racing Chair: AKRacing Nitro Ergonomic Review
The AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series is a well produced, feature-packed and good looking gaming chair. Coming to the market about 2 years ago, this gaming racing chair is still one of the best classic gaming chairs out there.
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The AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series is a well produced, feature-packed and good looking gaming chair. Coming to the market about 2 years ago, this gaming racing chair is still one of the best classic gaming chairs out there.