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PC Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide

Deal of the week: DXRacer Formula Series

'The most used chair by professional gamers for a good reason'

$299.00 $389.00 RRP

I would call myself a passionate gamer since I was a kid. I went to LAN events like “Dreamhack” or watched the pro gamers playing Counter-Strike at the “Intel Extreme Masters” via internet stream. Nowadays, I like watching gaming-streams on streaming platforms like Twitch and recently, I often noticed those pro gamers and streamers sitting on those awesome looking pc gaming chair models, playing their favorite games. The question I was asking myself was:

“What kind of pc gaming chairs do these pro gamers use?!?”

One thing for sure: These great looking gaming chairs trigger some kind of “I-need-it-too”-factor in our minds. And indeed, the chair, specially designed for professional computer or console gamers provide great comfort for gaming and a stunning look. By now, there are many manufacturers of gaming chairs such as DX Racer or AK Racing, as well as huge price ranges. If you plan to buy one, the following overview may help you on making your decision on the right pc gaming chair for your budget as I will show you the best pc gaming chairs available on the market right now. Don’t hesitate – start your own professional gaming experience right now!

Why do you need a pc gaming chair at all?

During my own gaming career in my youth – I maybe wasn’t what you’d call a professional gamer, but I earned a small amount of money for playing Counter-Strike after all – I have learned one thing: We spend a lot of time on the computer. Clan Wars, training sessions, random play or just talking to our clanmates on our Teamspeak server. We made no compromises on our computer hardware.Always side by side: A professional gamer and his pc gaming chair

For example: I hammered the buttons of my keyboard a thousand times a day – that’s why I bought a professional mechanic gaming keyboard for 100 $, which, you guess it right, I still use today. If you like playing video games, good equipment should be mandatory. And that’s the reason why my example above as well goes for the mouse, the mousepad, the headset, the computer itself – and for the pc gaming chair!


And believe me – even when I’m sounding like an old man right now: The health of your spine is important! If you sit for several hours a day on the computer, an incorrect posture while sitting on a cheap computer chair can result in permanent consequences. What I want to tell you is: Do yourself a favor and invest 50-100 $ more for a well-made pc gaming chair, before you suffer serious damage. Just look at it in a positive way: In an awesome pc gaming chair you will sit comfortably, you will do your body, especially your back, a favor and your friends envious eyes will be priceless.


What makes a good pc gaming chair?

In general: If you buy it cheap, you buy it twice. There are so many fragile processed pc gaming chairs out there that you have to be really careful. When buying the best pc gaming chair, you have to pay attention to the following things:


The best pc gaming chair has to be very stable of course – even for the heavier gamers. A wiggling chair shows only one thing: Poor workmanship. Unfortunately, poorly processed seams or inadequate materials are widespread.


Some gamers are beanpoles, some have rather “thick bones” from too much fast food. A good pc gaming chair must be able to have perfect ergonomics for long gaming-sessions, fitting for each body shape. A good comfort in the lumbar region and the head area is essential.


With the number of the chair’s settings it’s like with the number of frags or XP in a game: The more, the better! The right pc gaming chair needs adjustment settings for any height. The best models also allow, for example, to set a completely flat backrest in order to rest a little bit during a long session.


The best pc gaming chairs: Recommendations

Here comes the crunch. I can highly recommend the following pc gaming chairs, both in terms of quality and functionality. Which one you choose in the end depends mostly on your personal preferences and your budget. Yes, there are lots of different gaming chairs available on the market. But I can guarantee that you won’t make a mistake with any of the following products. In this review, I have tested several models in different price ranges and the next 5 models are the best ones.

Recommended pc gaming chairs come mainly from two manufacturers: DXRacer & AKRacing. After all, there is a reason why you will find chairs of these two producers in 95% of all gaming stores and also at the big events like “Dreamhack” or “Intel Extreme Masters”. Therefore, I will shortly represent the best models of each market leader plus two models from upcoming brands in the following section.


DXRacer Racing Series

One of the best gaming chairs of the test and also for me personally is the DXRacer Racing Series. This pc gaming chair is probably well known by many of you because it is used for example at the North American LCS events of ‘League Of Legends’ by the pro gamers and by many streamers on Twitch.tv as well. Long story short: A lot of professional gamers are using the DXRacer Racing Series – for a good reason. The smooth adjustments are terrific and the comfort during long gaming sessions is awesome. Various cushions as well as a tilt function are also very positive extras. Another proof of the chair’s high quality: It passed the test of the German Association for Technical Inspection and is therefore “TÜV-certified”. Anyone who wants to own the same pc gaming chair as many professional gamers should definitely watch out for the DXRacer Racing Series!

Price: The DXRacer Racing Series is now available at Amazon – free shipping included.


AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics

The AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series as well as AKRacings ProX is the hottest looking pc gaming chair in the current lineup of AKRacing. Although AKRacing is fairly new on the American and European market, their chairs are yet to settle in a similar league as DXRacer. Again, you get a pc gaming chair with excellent components that is ideally suited for continuous gaming service. Because of its metal base and its central pressure cylinder with gas lift support, the AKRacing Nitro is extremely stable – up to 396lbs (180kg). The Nitro is the official pc gaming chair of ‘Ninjas In Pyjamas’, a famous professional online gaming clan which has the world`s best Counter-Strike:GO players in their roster. This pc gaming chair is currently available in several beautiful color combinations – go for it! We recommend to read our full review of this gaming chair!

Price: You can get the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series on discount at Amazon (RRP: $499.99).


DXRacer King Series

For all gamers among us who like it a bit more comfortable: The DXRacer King Series is the pc gaming chair of DXRACER which puts a large focus on comfort. Designed as a modern executive chair, it has a longer seat of over 19.69’’ (50cm) and also an additional padding at the side and back. Therefore, the target group are gamers who like to spend about eight hours a day and more in front of their computer (happened to me in the past too :D). The Wide Series is the official gaming chair of the European LCS – justifiably! Like the Racing Series, the DXRacer King Series passed the German Association for Technical Inspection and achieved their seal. For those who like to have more comfort, but still want to benefit from the same quality as the pros, this gaming chair with its leatherette surface is the right choice. Although it is slightly more expensive – the Wide Series is processed excellent and worth the money in any case!

Price: The DXRacer King-Series, official pc gaming chair of the European LCS, is currently available for the price of $369 on Amazon.


Merax High Back Ergonomic Racing

During the past 1-2 years, more and more manufacturers of gaming chairs appeared on the market. One of them is Merax. The High-Back Ergonomic Series as their last model convinced in our test with its executive luxury racing design, its durable and well-designed high back as well as its thickly padded armrests made of PU leather in the category of gaming chairs for under $200. One downside of the design is the lumbar support pillow. Yes, it is good to have that kind of support. But for me personally, I would like to remove it sometimes. Unfortunately, this is not possible without sort of breaking it. One information regarding the chair’s PU leather and mesh fabric: It showed in our test, that it makes the chair’s surface very durable, breathable and easy to clean. Another good feature is Merax’ 350-degree swivel rotation system as well as its recline feature and the seat and armrest adjustment system. These functions make the Merax High-Back Ergonomic Series a very flexible and recommendable pc gaming chair – especially in this price range. Feel free to read our detailed review about it in our cheap gaming chairs article

Price: The Merax High-Back Ergonomic Racing Series is on sale at the moment. You can buy it for about $180. Tip: The older model of this series is also still available! Its design is not as ergonomic as its successor’s, but the price is only about $130.


Vertagear Racing Series SL2000

Vertagear also joins the ranks of younger supplier of gaming chairs. The brand was founded in October 2014 in California. With the S2000, Vertagear have been focused on ergonomics, design and functionality. The chair has been designed to a high range of setting options, which are intended to give players the best possible comfort, focused. The S2000 provides the test a comfortable fit and a great support of the joints and back – Even during long gaming sessions.

For around $ 300 the S2000 is a real alternative to the market leaders DXRacer and AKRacing. The chair is nearly on par with the Formula Series. You get both 4-way adjustable armrests and a steel frame, which carries up to 330lbs (150kg). The ergonomics is designed to provide neck, shoulder and lumbar support. If you are a fan of US quality products, the Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 may be the right pc gaming chair for you! You can find more information about the SL2000 in our pc chair review.

Price: Right now, the price for the Vertagear SL2000 lies around $300.


There is a good reason why you can find gaming chairs from DXRacer and AKRacing on almost every big eSport event: Their chairs are excellently crafted products which are designed for long and intense gaming sessions. The amount and quality of their features is the best you can get in this branch at the moment. The alternate product is the Vertagear SL2000. It comes with almost the same characteristics, even has a few extras over its competition and is also a bit cheaper. But at the same the same time its quality, especially the processing is slightly worse compared to the DXRacer and AKRacing pc gaming chairs. In the end, from my personal experience, I highly recommend to buy either the DXRacer Formula / Wide Series or the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics Series because of their outstanding workmanship, numerous features and excellent overall quality. Sure, they are a little more expensive than the other ones at first glance. But be sure – If you have one of these legendary pc gaming chairs in your room, you will enjoy it for years!

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