Swivel Chair Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know Before Buying a Working Chair or a Swivel Chair

With a lot of choices out there, it would surely be impossible to know and find the right working chair or swivel chair. But, more importantly, you must assess all your needs and your working conditions. This way, you are able to settle with the best choice that complements the money paid for it.


Introduction to Swivel Chair

The swivel chair is actually considered as the most frequently used office equipment inside an office or a working environment. Apart from it, this is also proven to be an essential item to be used for computer workstations. Even experts have clearly identified the features and characteristics of an ergonomically-designed office chair.

Due to the increasing number of computer users in the working environment, the swivel chair has received a lot of attention from a lot of employers. It is also presently estimated that forty-five million Americans are spending more time in using their keyboard and their computer.

Almost thirty-million workers have been using office chairs including their pointing devices, keyboard and computer as their main work equipments each day. This has taken its many different forms in the recent times with a lot of workstation designs available for a lot of users. Actually, the standard working chair sits upright right through a base and has its arm rest, chair back and a seat pan. There are also certain modifications that it go through such as sit-stand, kneeling and recumbent designs.


What It is Important to Know

You may already have planned your business or home office. In addition, you may also have invested your money to fully furnish it. After spending some budget, never make the mistake of saving some money on your office chair.

If you are a company owner, you need to remember that you will have to spend more time at your desk. You must make it sure that you are well-supported and comfortable. And thus, your employees need to be comfortable as well.

By choosing a good working chair, it helps contribute in improving certain habits of employees. Even the company as a whole can become successful as well. Apart from it, a working chair that is chosen meeting the unique specifications of an employee helps increase his or her productivity.

Among those factors you need to focus on before buying a working chair includes durability, adjustability, mobility and comfort. There are lots of types and styles to choose from but this guide helps you settle with the best working chair.


What Makes a Good Swivel Chair

Below is the complete list of the things that make a good swivel chair:

  • It should have the ability to accommodate people who are after using it, despite their shape or size
  • It should be a perfect fit for your intended purpose. And thus, it should move freely and carry out the tasks efficiently and comfortably.
  • It must be suited to your specific workstation, specifically the height of your desk and table
  • It must have all of the basic ergonomic features including controls that help adjust the chair and backrest height
  • It must have a built-in lumbar of flexible support
  • It must have user-friendly and accessible adjustment controls
  • It should rotate and swivel easily that allows a person to use it without overreaching or straining


Health Aspect

If ever your back is hurting after hours of sitting at work, you surely would need to follow this guide to be healthy and be comfortable. You need to remember that nothing is important than a physically-supportive and comfortable work chair.

Your ultimate goal for a working chair is to let you sit comfortably. It should also let your feet to stay flat on the ground. Apart from it, choose for one that lets your head get tilted in a downward position to be able to view through the computer screen and perform the work well.

Apart from it, choose for a working chair that lets your thighs and forearms at a ninety-degree angle. Even your feet must rest at their flat position on the floor. Or else, you restrict the supply of blood to your lower feet and lower legs. This only results for your numb and tired legs. And of course, this is not something that you do not want.

There is also a need to sit at the back of the chair. And thus, you have to choose for one that uses the backrest properly. It must also therefore support the lumbar. Even the chair must have a backrest along with its appropriate shape and size. This way, it helps support your middle and lower back for good health. Your spine is also best protected by the backrest. This also simply maintains the s-shape right after sitting.


Where are the Differences Between Several Models

Here are the 5 top models of swivel chair test:

With its “spring tilt control mechanism” feature, this sets it different from others. Apart from it, it also impressively boasts for its upright tilt lock feature.

This features its mesh that allows your skin to breathe in easily. Apart from it, it also has its comfortable armrests and it can hold a maximum weight of 225 pounds.

This is another unique working chair for its 360 degree swivel rotation and dual wheel. Thus, gliding over a floor surface is made easier and more comfortable.

This office chair comes with its extra padding material that offers ultimate comfort and convenience. This is mainly different because of its weight capacity of 250 pounds.  This is also easy to assemble.

This is effectively and easily adjusted from the desk and seat on a workstation. However, this is only limited to 264 pounds. This also allows you to have a safe and comfortable experience throughout the busy working days.

What Functionality do they have and for Whom it is Useful

Each of these models has its unique function to perform. Thus, you will have an idea on which of them to choose and seat on in an environment.

  • Mid Black Leather Swivel Task Chair with Nylon Arms

This offers a lot of comfort while browsing through the internet and working. It also has its mid-back design that makes it the best option to use for small-sized workspaces. This is also useful for those people who are not petite.

  • Merax Office Mesh Daily Working Chair Student Computer Chairs (Mid-Back)

This is functional as it helps you keep your good posture and prevent all those humpbacks. This is also good for those people who weigh 225 pounds. Apart from it, this is great for those who search for a functional and ventilated computer chair.

  • Bellezza Gaming Office Chair Racing Bucket High Back Ergonomic Computer with Flip Armrest, Blue

This is functional for it enhances lumbar support and allows an individual to get the right position at a desk or at a keyboard. As you can see, this has its specific support features. Thus, this only means to say that this is perfect for an individual who work for a long period of hours.

  • VIVA OFFICE Bonded Leather High Back Chair with Adjustable Backrest and Armrest

This offers ultimate comfort for a particular user and this also gives lumbar support. The impressive thing about it is that it offers a relaxing and calming environment for anyone busy working. This is also intended for those who work at the office.

  • Super Buy New Mid-back Adjustable Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Computer Office Desk Task Chair

This is also a functional working chair as it helps keep you stable and comfortable all day. This also intends to give a safe and comfortable experience even if you are busy working at the office.  This is also intended for those who weigh 264 pounds.


In any of the models presented to you, it is further essential to choose one that can carry off your weight. This is one of the essential things to consider in order that you get the most out of it. Apart from it, it must also have its excellent features and should support some of your health goals while doing your work.



A Swivel chair as office equipment is commonly used by working people and office employees. But, there are certain things essential for anyone to know like the durability, adjustability, mobility and comfort it brings. Being perfect fit and user-friendly equipment, it should also able to rotate easily and brings ease and convenience on the part of a user. With several models highly emphasized and differentiated for buyers above, it would now be easier for them to buy one that meets their taste and preference.